A look into boiler finance and potential savings

With all the options available when you are looking into getting a new boiler, it can get overwhelming and confusing. In this blog post we hope to tell you what a combi boiler and how much you’ll expect to pay if you’re looking to get one installed. We also will show you potential savings you could make.

What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler is a small, wall-mounted boiler that provides dual heat and hot water. They are the most popular option for new heating system installations, and make up nearly 75% of new boilers in  the UK. It uses predominantly natural gas and are small, economical and efficient, without needing additional tanks.

You may not be a suitable candidate for a combi boiler however, and the reasons for this are listed below:

  • You don’t have a gas supply
    • You will need to be ‘on the grid’, otherwise you will need to look into other options, such as a storage heater or oil powered boiler.
  • You have more than one bathroom
    • They are the best choice for small homes with only one bathroom, but not for large residences where a lot of people may be needing to use hot water at the same time.
  • Low water pressure
    • Combi boilers rely on a ‘closed system’ to move water through the pipes to taps and radiators. If you have low pressure the water will not be able to do this easily.

How much would a combi boiler cost me?

One of the common mistakes people make when considering a new boiler is to simply google ‘combi boiler prices’ – the search results would have you think a new boiler can be installed for less than £1,000.

Unfortunately there is no fixed price for a boiler installation. The final cost depends on a number of factors – supplier, installation cost, size of boiler and residence… You would need to acquire a specific quote for your circumstances.

Have a look at the chart beneath that displays the average cost of an installation and any additional extras.

Combi boiler installation estimates

  1. Combi boiler purchase prices

    1. Detached home: 42-50kw £1500
    2. Semi/terrace: 32-38KW £950
    3. Small house/flat £700
  2. Boiler installation prices

    1. Trade in gas heat only for combi boiler: £1450
    2. Install new combi in new position: £1100
    3. Replace old boiler in same position: £700
    4. Replace existing combi in same position: £600
  3. Added extras

    1. Power flush (variable): £500
    2. Moving pipes (variable): £300
    3. New thermostat: £200
    4. Chemical flush: £200
    5. Add magnetic filtration: £150
    6. Add radiators (per rad): £100

Considering all of the above you can add up what you need to get a good idea of how much your new boiler is going to cost. You will need to choose your boiler size, an estimate of installation (remember this will vary between installers), and have a little surplus in case there are any surprises.

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