How does counselling help with anxiety?

Every person suffering with anxiety shows similar traits to others, but it must be remembered that is is truly unique experience for the person involved. Counselling can help people manage their anxiety and in some cases overcome it completely.

Counselling by a certified counsellor does many things for a person with anxiety, and these are outlined below.

Education and comprehension

Understanding the condition, researching coping methods and talking to other people about their anxiety can start people on the road to recovery.

Meditation and relaxation

Sometimes all it takes to prevent someone have an anxiety or panic attack is deep breathing, and teaching people how to do this and to relax helps them control their anxiety by removing the physical effects.


Also known as cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT connects thoughts with anxiety, and helps the sufferer understand this connection. It aims to demonstrate that anxiety is ‘in the mind’ rather than a real, physical threat.


Exposing a sufferer of anxiety to events or situations that can cause anxiety can help them see that nothing bad is going to happen as a result of being in the said situation, and eventually the fear diminishes.

Problem Solving

Anxiety can take over the thoughts and paralyse a person’s thinking. Introducing and developing problem solving techniques can lead an anxious person through a process that helps them think their way out of their anxiety.


Living in the present is something we all forget to do when we are tied up in the past and dwelling on problems out of our control. Reminding ourselves of the here and now can re-establish control and help with anxious thoughts.

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