4 things you could use your garden store for

Never seem to have enough outdoor storage space? From wheelie bins to garden tools, there are so many things you could stow away and keep safe in a timber garden store.

  1. Wheelie bins

If you feel like your bins have a mind of their own and seem to wander around whenever there’s a strong gust of wind, a wheelie bin store would be ideal. It would also stop them blowing over and spilling rubbish all over the street.

  1. Garden tools

If you’ve got garden tools falling out of your shed and you don’t know where to keep them, a garden store might be the solution. As well as protecting your best tools from weathering and wear, it would keep them secure; after all, they were expensive!

You could also use it to keep all of your seeds, garden growers, watering cans, gloves and anything else you need to create the perfect garden all in one place.

  1. The kids’ play equipment

Stop your kids losing their footballs, tennis rackets and other play equipment by stowing it all away in a garden store – perfect if you want to relax without anything spoiling the look of your garden!

  1. Dealing with surplus items from the garage

If your garage is overflowing with all sorts, put all of your excess items away in a garden store and create more space in your garage.

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